Three sets plastic franulating machine has been successfully tesetd in this week!

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Three sets machine has been successfully tesetd in this week!

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Tested Machine No.1

ML100 single screw extruder tested by BOPP film

ML Plastic recycling system features:

Optimised Triple Degassing

Degassing in the cutter compactor takes place preheating and predrying the material.

The optimum screw design(turned to the material to be processed) enables the reverse degassing to be true in the cutter compactor, thus relieving the degassing zone of the extruder.

Gas inclusions in the melt are removed in the degassing zone.

Only throughly melted, filtered and homogenized material can be pass the degassing zone of the extruder.

plastic granulator for film.png

plastic granulator line for film.png

Tested Machine No.2

ML100 single screw extruder tested by CPP film

Fully automatically feeding system by Nip Toll Feeder

film granulator machine.png

pe film pelletizing line.png

Tested Machine No.3 ☆☆☆☆☆

SJ180/SJ200 Plastic Granulating Line for Squeezed Material(capacity:900-1000kg/hr)


(The most favourable machine model)

The squeezed material from squeezer machine in the washing line will be feed into the raw material silo storage by air feeding. Then the squeezed material will be feed to granulating line automatically.

washed film granulation line.png


Production automation, labor saving

There is no requirement for the shape of squeezed material

High output and low energy consumption

washed film pellet machine.png

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