High Quality Recycled Pellets

Up to 100% reusability back into yourproduction line. Post-industrial waste generated from production of film,raffia and injection regrind can be recycled efficiently and put right back into your production lines. Meaning less amount of new (raw) material needs tobe used in your production.

Lower Power Consumption

Thanks to excellent screw design and energysaving motors, you can produce more output using less energy

Lower Production and Logistics cost

PURUI plastic recycling machines are both laborand space saving

Quick After Sale Service

Simple Operation,Less Maintenance
Multiple filter
Under water pelletizer
Middle scren changer
Multiple filter for your choice
Design suitable granulator with different filters ——
We can recommend suitable plastic granulating to clients with suitable filter as client's recycled material,such as without wire meash filter,piston filter with large filtration area,double plate four working position etc.
Under Water Cutting System
Recycle pp,pu,eva,pet,eva,sbs etc ——

Generally divided into: underwater cutting template, underwater cutting tool, sealed water chamber, underwater pelletizer, circulating water pump, transmission pipeline, dehydration system, water temperature control system, etc.

Middle Screen Changer in Extruder
This middle screen changer is used for clean heavy printed film recycling.Better degassing effect than normal single stage granulating line
Vaccum system
Water-ring pelletizer
Film roller feeder
Vacuum System
Strong degassing system,special design as a simple gas collector,get better quality granules
Closed Water-ring Cutting System
New design in 2020 ——
Horizontal water-ring cutting system with special design,non cooling water come out
Film Roller Feeding System
It's designed for whole film rollers' feeding ——
Special design on the wall of compactor,if clients need to recycle whole film roller,you can ask us to design as this.
PURUI is based on Zhangjiagang China,and keeps the whole world development in view.
Focuses on plastic recycling equipment manufacturing field, such as pp pe recycling machine, waste film washing line,pp pe film pellet machine,pet bottle washing line,pet bottle flakes granulating line,twin screw compounding extruder etc.
PURUI design the machine for a single purpose: to make the efficient& profitable plastics recycling machines for each customer
For us, sustainable business goes hand-in-hand with profitable processing.
We are constantly keeping on improving our products together by the science, technology and team working.
Our vision is to be a member of the top plastic recycling equipments suppliers in the world, base on the spirit of this principle, we are not only made our best to meet the market demand, as well also continue to strengthen our competitiveness. through seamlessly customer contacts, with years of experience in technology, R & D capabilities, manufacturing process and mold technology to meet the various needs of customers. We are proud that through the cooperation of customers, our products keep innovation on paced at the speed of various demands.
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