waste fabric recycling granulator machine in China

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waste fabric recycling granulator machine in China

The demand for masks sharply increased in the market because of the new corona virus and the demand for PP non-woven fabrics contunued to increase.

With the demand for masks, huge offcut material will be generated. How to effectively treat with these offcut waste?PURUI Plastic Recycling Machine helps solve the problem.

This is the PURUI ML130 model.

With the help of three-in-one design and underwater cutting system, it realized high melting index PP non-woven fabric online recycling.


Under water cutting system-used for recycling pp non woven fabric,heavy printed bopp film

The underwater pelletizing system is also suitable for a variety of engineering materials, EVA elastomers, rubber, etc., which has a wide range of applications and high automation, which greatly save manpower and avoid waste.

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