pp woven bag recycling crushing washing granulating machine line

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pp woven bag recycling crushing washing granulating machine line

Woven bag, also known as snakeskin bag, is a kind of plastic products used as packaging.The application scope of woven bags has been developed to agricultural and industrial product packaging, video packaging, geotechnical engineering, tourism transportation, daily necessities, flood relief materials, special woven bags and other fields, greatly facilitating people's life.But the plastic woven bag service life is short, if not recycled in time, will cause great environmental pollution.

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Woven bag recycling method is usually only with regeneration granulation, and sediment, oil used sacks, impurity content more, such as direct broken, granulation, will greatly affect the quality of the granules, granulation, at the same time also will produce a lot of smoke, waste water, waste gas, waste that has brought the secondary pollution to the environment, so we need to early old sacks to clean, cleaning of thick woven bag again for granulation, such not only get clean particles, in granulation at the same time also won't produce a large amount of waste, waste water and exhaust smoke.

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whole pp woven bag/raffia bag/jumbo bag recycling machine line include woven bag crushing washing dewatering machine and granulator machine.

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