BOPET Granulation Line – Helping Film “New Forces”


BOPET film is a biaxially oriented polyester film. It has excellent characteristics such as high mechanical strength, good optical performance, good electrical insulation performance, wide service temperature and strong chemical corrosion resistance, and is the most widely used thin film material. BOPET polyester film is known as one of the most promising new materials in the 21st century, and China is currently the world’s largest biaxially oriented polyester (BOPET) market.

In the field of functional films, BOPET has greatly expanded its application fields due to its excellent rigidity and optical properties. In addition to common packaging applications; in optical grade applications, diffusion base films, brightness enhancement base films, reflective films, protective/release base films, window film substrates, polarizers, etc., have been widely used. It has become a “new force” in the film.

Application Fields:

BOPET Granulation LineBOPET Granulation Line

BOPET Granulation Line System:

BOPET granulation system is an ideal choice for on-line waste recycling in the production line; after many years of deep cultivation in the field of BOPET recycling, the advanced multi-layer drying system and excellent screw design can reduce the viscosity of BOPET in the granulation process. Dropping and transparency are controlled to an ideal state. The BOPET film granulator realizes closed-loop granulation and reuse of waste film and leftover materials, which saves production costs for enterprises.

BOPET Granulation Line

Technical Parameters:

-Automatic silo feeding system
– Drying tower multi-layer drying technology
-PET special screw design
-Automatic underwater pelletizing system

Capacity(kg/h) Screw diameter
800-1000 140
1350-1500 160
1800-2000 180

BOPET Granulation Production Video:

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