Composite Film Recycling Washing Line


This composite film recycling washing line is used for recycling and washing of plastic composite film, agricultural film, mulch film, etc. Since the agricultural mulch film contains a large amount of sediment, there are many difficulties in recycling, and the problem of wear is very serious, especially for crushing tools and equipment, which seriously affects the output. According to the characteristics of the waste film, Xiantong adopts a hydraulic baling and cutting machine to pack the messy waste film, and cut it according to 150-200MM, and cut 5-7 knives for each bag.

Composite Film Recycling Washing Line

Magnetic separation is carried out through the belt conveyor first, and the magnetic metal is selected, and then enters the trommel screen, the material is loosened in the trommel screen, and the sediment is initially discharged through the mesh, and then enters the sand making machine, through high-speed rotation, the machine barrel There are mesh holes on the top to discharge some small sundries, sand and small metals.

Composite Film Recycling Washing Line

Then it enters the plastic crushing and crushing. At this time, the material contains about 10% sediment, which greatly reduces the wear and tear on the crusher and tools. The crushed material is cleaned by high-speed spiral and desanding machine; then enters the pad washing separator. The plastic is stretched in the water, and the sand is further discharged by the double-axis beating, and the sediment is separated.

Composite Film Recycling Washing Line

Then enter the low-speed friction scrubbing, further cleaning, and then enter the next level of rinsing tank for cleaning and separation. The screw feeding plastic enters the squeeze dryer, and the extruded material is in a semi-plasticized state with a water content of about 7-8%. The water is sent to the storage room by wind to evaporate the water naturally, and then sent to the plastic granulator, which adopts side-feeding forced feeding and two-stage filtration, and water ring cutting.

Composite Film Recycling Washing Line Application:

Composite Film Recycling Washing Line

Technical Parameter:

PP PE Film Recycling Machine (for reference only, can be customized)
Capacity(kg/h) Total Power(kw) Area Required(㎡) Labour Required Water Consumption(m³/h)
300 210 240 3-4 1.5
500 340 360 4-5 3
1000 550 450 5-6 4.5
1500 800 520 5-6 6

Note: Plastic recycling machines are customized product, any changes in material and motor configuration will affect the output capacity data. Please consult our sales quotation for guidance.

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