Drip Tape Recycling Pelletizing Line


Drip tape recycling pelletizing line is a equipment mainly used for recycling and regeneration of drip tape and soft irrigation pipes. Plastic pelletizing line can convert waste plastic into plastic granules through melting, extrusion, cutting and cooling processes.

Drip Tape Recycling Pelletizing Line

Drip tape recycling pelletizing line usually include a feeding system, an extrusion system, a cutting system and a control system. The feeding system is responsible for feeding the raw materials into the machine evenly; the extrusion system melts the plastic and pushes it to the head through heating and the rotation of the screw; the cutting system cuts the extruded plastic strips into granules; and the control system ensures the stability and efficiency of the entire plastic pelletizing machine.

Purui Machinery offers different types of plastic pelletizing machine, including single-screw and twin-screw pelletizer. When choosing plastic pelletizer, users need to consider the type of raw materials, the required output, the granule quality requirements, and the convenience of operation and maintenance.

Drip Tape Recycling Pelletizing Line

The technology of drip tape pelletizing line continues to advance, and modern pelletizing equipment is more energy-efficient and efficient; capable of providing higher quality plastic granules while reducing energy consumption and production costs.

For those companies seeking high efficiency and high output, plastic pelletizer with high degree of automation is an ideal choice. For small-scale production or laboratory environments, a small or experimental pelletizer may be more appropriate.

Drip Tape Recycling Pelletizing Line Application:

Drip Tape Recycling Pelletizing Line

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