HDPE Film Granulating Line

HDPE film granulating line mainly suitable for pre-shredded hard plastic waste, including HDPE, LDPE, PP, PA, PC, PU, PBU, ABS and others.

HDPE Film Granulating Line Description:

HDPE film granulating line mainly suitable for pre-shredded hard plastic waste, including HDPE, LDPE, PP, PA, PC, PU, PBU, ABS and others.
Film granulating line can also process light and soft waste, including pre-shredded film waste, PP spinning material, PP/PE foaming material, etc. It can be sent to the extrusion section through a high-pressure feeding auxiliary device for melting and kneading.

HDPE Film Granulating Line

Film Granulating Line Applications:

HDPE film granulating line extrusion dryer adopts the principle of screw extrusion dehydration. It is used for squeezing and dehydrating plastic films, plastic bags, snake belts, space bags, and thin soft plastics. Easy to operate and good drying effect. The successful research and development of plastic film extrusion dryer has solved the market problem of extrusion drying and dehydration of soft plastics such as plastic PE film, PE plastic bag, PP snakeskin bag, space bag, etc. The waste plastic film and woven bag cannot be broken, cleaned and recycled in the process. Missing new equipment.

Film Granulating Line Work Process:

Plastic → Belt Conveyor → Metal Detector (Optional) → Compactor / Compactor → Extrusion → Hydraulic Screen Change → Die Head → Cooling Water Tank → Centrifugal Dehydrator / Dewatering Vibrating Screen → Dewatering Fan → Storage Silo

Film Granulating Line Technical Parameter:


Model ML85 ML100 ML130 ML160 ML160-Ⅱ
Output(kg/h) 120-200 200-400 400-650 600-1000 800-1200

High output, low consumption:

Model ML85B ML100B ML130B ML160B ML180B
Output(kg/h) 200-350 400-550 600-800 800-1200 1000-1500

Film Granulating Line Detail:

  • Extruder
    A specialized single screw extruder applied to gently melt the pre-compacted material. The plastic scraps will be well melted, plasticized in a 36D processing section. With double-zone vacuum degassing system, volatiles such as low molecular and moisture will be removed efficiency, especially suitable to heavy printed film and material with water content

  • Belt Conveyor
    As standard design, plastic scraps such as film, filament, raffias conveyed into the compacting room through belt conveyor; to handle rolls’ scraps, roll hauling off device is an optional feeding method. Motor drives of conveyor belt and hauling device cooperate with ABB inverter. Feeding speed of conveyor belt or roll hauling off is fully automatic based on how full the compactor’s room is. Metal detector can be combined with belt conveyor, and can interlock with contrl system, to warn and stop the system, in case that metal is found in feeding.

  • Water-ring Die-face cutting system
    Water-ring die-face/Strand cutting methods are usually adopted. In water-ring die-face cutting system, the rotary cutting blades will be pneumatically fit completely and closely to the die-face surface to ensure efficient cutting. Rotary speed of the blades is automatically adjusted by module system according to melt pressure at the die face.

  • Vibration drying system
    Advanced dewatering vibration sieve combing with horizontal-type centrifugal dewatering present high performance dried pellets and lower energy consumption.Combine crushing, compacting and plletizing steps in one system, less-labor cost.Higher efficiency feeding, suitable to film, filament, raffia, foaming materials;Higher output and lower energy consumption

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