HDPE Milk Bottle Recycling Washing Line


HDPE milk bottle recycling washing line is specially designed for the recycling of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) milk bottles. Through a sophisticated process, the waste milk bottles are converted into high-quality plastic raw materials that can be used again. HDPE milk bottle recycling line includes multiple steps such as pretreatment, crushing, washing, separation, drying and granulation to improve the quality and value of the recycled materials.

HDPE Milk Bottle Recycling Washing Line

HDPE Milk Bottle Washing Line Workflow:

1. During the recycling process, the HDPE milk bottles are first crushed and then washed with water to remove surface pollutants and impurities.

2. Next, the plastic is separated from other insoluble substances using sink-float separation technology.

3. Finally, the water is removed through the drying process to obtain clean HDPE particles, which can be used in the production of recycled plastics.

HDPE Milk Bottle Recycling Washing Line

HDPE milk bottle recycling line not only improves the quality of recycled materials, but also greatly improves work efficiency. According to the production needs of different customers, the HDPE recycling washing line can be combined with the HDPE granulation system to form a complete recycling system.

HDPE Milk Bottle Recycling Line Application:

HDPE Milk Bottle Recycling Washing Line

HDPE is a plastic widely used in packaging materials, containers, pipes and other products. Due to its durability and recyclability, the recycling of HDPE waste is of great significance to environmental protection. HDPE milk bottle washing line can be customized according to the characteristics of different materials to meet the needs of different customers. For example, for HDPE waste containing more impurities, more complex pretreatment and washing steps may be required. For relatively clean waste, the process can be simplified.

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