HDPE Small Hollow Material Recycling Pelletizing Line


HDPE hollow plastic products are more and more used in people’s lives due to their advantages of light weight, low price, durability, large design freedom, and recyclability, from the transportation of chemical reagents and pharmaceutical reagents to packaging, to Daily life food, detergent, cosmetic packaging, at the same time, these used hollow plastic bottles, plastic barrels, etc. have become the responsibility and opportunity of the recycling industry.

HDPE small hollow material recycling pelletizing line developed and manufactured by Purui Machinery can regenerate and granulate hollow plastic bottles and barrels after being crushed and cleaned. The granules can be used as raw materials again for blow molding to make plastic products, so that waste plastics can be recycled. Not only solve the problem of environmental pollution, but also reduce production costs.

HDPE Small Hollow Material Recycling Pelletizing Line

The plastic recycling pelletizing line developed by Purui Machinery has successfully won the affirmation of the plastic recycling equipment market at home and abroad by virtue of its brand influence, excellent quality and comprehensive service. While continuously improving product quality, we will strive to contribute to the plastic recycling equipment industry.

Small Hollow Material Recycling Pelletizing Line Application:

HDPE Small Hollow Material Recycling Pelletizing Line

Technical Parameter:


Model ML85 ML100 ML130 ML160 ML160-Ⅱ
Output(kg/h) 120-200 200-400 400-650 600-1000 800-1200

High output, low consumption:

Model ML85B ML100B ML130B ML160B ML180B
Output(kg/h) 200-350 400-550 600-800 800-1200 1000-1500

Note: Plastic recycling machines are customized product, any changes in material and motor configuration will affect the output capacity data. Please consult our sales quotation for guidance.

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