How to Recycle Used Woven Bags


How to Recycle Used Woven Bags?

When plastic processing plants in the woven bag recycling industry collect waste plastic woven bags for recycling, heating, mixing and granulating, they cause serious pollution to the surrounding environment and affect water resources in some areas.

When cleaning waste woven bags, first perform strong cleaning. With the help of the water treatment method of the multi-circulation double sedimentation tank of the plastic recycling washing line, the subsequent plasticization and granulation can only be facilitated if the cleaning is not clean. During the granulation process, odor and smoke will be produced, and it will also affect the quality of the granules.

How to Recycle Used Woven Bags

The use of a powerful crushing and cleaning machine can effectively remove impurities attached to the plastic surface to achieve the purpose of crushing and cleaning. At the same time, combined with the designed sorter and circulating cleaning pool, can classify and rinse various plastics with different pollution levels. Different cleaning strategies are set for waste plastics with a degree of pollution, and a first-level sewage treatment process is provided in the circulating cleaning tank to recycle the treated sewage.

How to Recycle Used Woven Bags

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