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Plastic Extrusion Granulator Machine Maintenance

If you want to have a longer service life, you need daily careful maintenance and correct operation, then how to maintain the plastic extr……

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Operation Process of Plastic Granulation Line

The correct operation of the plastic granulation line is conducive to prolonging its life, so what problems should we pay attention to whe……

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BOPET Granulation Line – Helping Film “New Forces”

BOPET film is a biaxially oriented polyester film. It has excellent characteristics such as high mechanical strength, good optical perform……

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Workflow of Waste Agricultural Film Recycling Line

Agricultural film is widely used in agricultural planting, and the used agricultural film is difficult to deal with, so the white residual……

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How to Recycle Waste Fabrics?

Polyester fabric is a kind of chemical fiber clothing fabric widely used in daily life. PET fiber wool is mainly used in carpets, blankets……

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What is a Plastic Granulator Machine

What is a Plastic Granulator Machine? A plastic granulator machine is a machine used to reduce the size of plastic waste material, such a……

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POF Heat Shrink Film Pelletizing Machine

POF heat shrink film runs through every bit of our life, from food to the packaging of daily necessities, it can be seen everywhere. As we……

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PBAT Degradable Film Recycling

In today's world, white pollution and oil crisis are becoming more and more serious. The research and development and promotion of biodegr……

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Non-woven Scrap Recycling Granulator

As the pace of life continues day by day, the normalization of epidemic prevention has gradually become a habit. In less than two years, m……

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BOPP Film Manufacturing and Recycling

In 1905, humans first synthesized "plastics", and in 1907, they applied for the first patent for phenolic plastics. Plastics have become a……

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How to Recycle Used Woven Bags

How to Recycle Used Woven Bags? When plastic processing plants in the woven bag recycling industry collect waste plastic woven bags for r……

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PP Woven Bag Recycling Method

PP Woven Bag Recycling Method Woven bag, also known as snakeskin bag, is a kind of plastic products used as packaging. The application sc……

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