LDPE Packaging Film / Stretch Film Pelletizing Machine


The packaging film/stretch film is mainly made of LDPE, which needs to be sorted when recycling, and cannot be mixed together for recycling. The packaging film has super strength and high performance. The packaging film/stretch film can wrap the goods stacked on the pallet to make the package more stable. The packaging film/stretch film also has a super waterproof effect. The packaging film is widely used in papermaking, hardware, plastic chemicals, building materials, and food. Pharmaceutical and other industries.

LDPE Packaging Film Pelletizing Machine

The ML series plastic recycling pelletizing machine manufactured by Purui Machinery can be used to recycle such packaging films and stretch films. The pelletizing method of the plastic pelletizing line can be a vertical water ring pelletizing system or a horizontal water ring pelletizing system. The whole film pelletizing production line is safe and reliable, and can run 24 hours without stopping.

LDPE Packaging Film Pelletizing Machine Detail:

LDPE Packaging Film Pelletizing Machine

Technical Parameter:


Model ML85 ML100 ML130 ML160 ML160-Ⅱ
Output(kg/h) 120-200 200-400 400-650 600-1000 800-1200

High output, low consumption:

Model ML85B ML100B ML130B ML160B ML180B
Output(kg/h) 200-350 400-550 600-800 800-1200 1000-1500

Note: Plastic recycling machines are customized product, any changes in material and motor configuration will affect the output capacity data. Please consult our sales quotation for guidance.

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