Plastic Bottle Washing Line
HDPE Milk Bottle Recycling Washing Line

HDPE milk bottle recycling washing line is specially designed for the recycling of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) milk bottles. Through ……

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PP HDPE PS Rigid Flakes Pelletizing Machine

 The rigid flakes pelletizing machine is a device that crushes, mixes and granulates plastic bottle flakes, waste paper and other……

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Plastic Bottle Washing Machine

Plastic Bottle Washing Machine Description: The plastic bottle washing machine is researched, design and manufactured by Purui Machinery,……

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PET Bottle Recycling Machine

PET Bottle Recycling Machine Description: PET bottle recycling machine is a fully automatic recycling and washing line, specially used fo……

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Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine

Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine Description: Plastic bottle recycling machine is specially used for recycling and recycling of waste pla……

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PP PE Film / PP Woven Bag / PET Bottles Plastic Washing Line

Plastic Washing Line Description: This plastic washing line is used to crush, wash, de-water and dry PP PE film, PP woven bags, PET bottl……

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Plastic Bottle Recycling Washing Line

Plastic Bottle Recycling Washing Line Description: After many years of development, Purui Machinery's plastic bottle recycling washing li……

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