Plastic Granulator Machine
Water Ring Die Face Pelletizer Machine

 The main components of the water ring die face pelletizer machine include extruder, die head, pool, guide roller, granulator and so on.……

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PP HDPE PS Rigid Flakes Pelletizing Machine

 The rigid flakes pelletizing machine is a device that crushes, mixes and granulates plastic bottle flakes, waste paper and other……

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Twin Screw Plastic Granulator Machine

Twin screw plastic granulator machine is mainly divided into two categories, including parallel twin-screw granulator and conical twin-scr……

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Engineering Plastic Recycling Granulation Line

 The engineering plastic recycling granulation line is suitable for the processing and granulation of the following materials:……

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Waste Recycled Plastic Extrusion Granulator

Before most materials can be made into final products, they must be compounded and then granulated to become salable raw materials. There ……

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PE Printed Film Pelletizing Machine

 At present, most of the printed film on the market are PE films, and you can generally choose single or double stage printed fi……

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LDPE Packaging Film / Stretch Film Pelletizing Machine

 The packaging film/stretch film is mainly made of LDPE, which needs to be sorted when recycling, and cannot be mixed together for……

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HDPE Small Hollow Material Recycling Pelletizing Line

 HDPE hollow plastic products are more and more used in people's lives due to their advantages of light weight, low price, durabili……

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PET Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine

PET plastic is widely used, can be used in electronic and electrical appliances, polyester fiber polyester cloth, PET film, PET beverage b……

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LDPE Film Recycling Pelletizing Production Line

 LDPE film recycling pelletizing production line is mainly used for the granulation of recycled plastics such as various agricultural……

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Woven Bag Recycling Granulator

 Woven bags can be seen everywhere in our daily life. Used and contaminated woven bags need to be cleaned and recycled. But in the p……

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Plastic Bottle Flake Granulator Machine

Plastic Bottle Flake Granulator Machine Description: Plastic bottle flake granulator machine equipped with comacting machine which cound ……

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