Waste Plastic Recycling Pellet Making Machine

Waste plastic recycling pellet making machine  is a piece of equipment used to reprocess waste plastics. It crushes, melts, and pellets pl……

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Plastic Film Squeezing Dryer Machine

 The working principle of the plastic film squeezing dryer machine is to dehydrate the broken and cleaned film (agricultural film,……

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Twin Screw Plastic Granulator Machine

Twin screw plastic granulator machine is mainly divided into two categories, including parallel twin-screw granulator and conical twin-scr……

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PE Stretch Film Granulator Machine

PE stretch film, also known as stretch film, is often used as a packaging film by virtue of the super strong winding force and retractabil……

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Packaging Film Recycling Washing Line

 PE PP packaging film recycling washing line is mainly used to recycle plastic packaging film, agricultural mulch film, green……

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Engineering Plastic Recycling Granulation Line

 The engineering plastic recycling granulation line is suitable for the processing and granulation of the following materials:……

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Waste Recycled Plastic Extrusion Granulator

Before most materials can be made into final products, they must be compounded and then granulated to become salable raw materials. There ……

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Plastic Film Recycling Granulating Machine

Plastic film have many applications in life, such as optical films, composite films, superconducting films, polyester films, nylon films, ……

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Plastic Extrusion Granulator Machine Maintenance

If you want to have a longer service life, you need daily careful maintenance and correct operation, then how to maintain the plastic extr……

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PE Printed Film Pelletizing Machine

 At present, most of the printed film on the market are PE films, and you can generally choose single or double stage printed fi……

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Color Master Batch Granulator Machine

 Color master batch is a polymer material colorant, also known as pigment preparation. Color master batch is mainly used for colo……

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LDPE Packaging Film / Stretch Film Pelletizing Machine

 The packaging film/stretch film is mainly made of LDPE, which needs to be sorted when recycling, and cannot be mixed together for……

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