Non-woven Scrap Recycling Granulator


As the pace of life continues day by day, the normalization of epidemic prevention has gradually become a habit. In less than two years, masks have become a daily “fast-moving consumer goods” from low-frequency medical supplies in the public perception.

Ocean Asia, an international environmental protection organization, estimates that about 1.56 billion masks will flow into the ocean in 2020. According to the “Environmental Science and Technology” magazine; the number of masks used and discarded globally reaches about 129 billion each month, and disposable masks account for the majority of them.

How to deal with the scraps of non-woven fabrics, meltblown fabrics, etc. after the masks are made? Purui Machinery can solve this problem.

ML series plastic granulator manufactured by Purui Machinery integrates crushing, compaction and granulation, with a high degree of automation and labor saving. This non-woven scrap recycling granulator is suitable for recycling and granulation of PP non-woven fabrics, diapers, meltblown fabrics, protective clothing scraps, etc.

Non-woven Scrap Recycling Granulator

For non-woven fabrics with more extensive uses of PP, high-speed and high-efficiency recycling is realized, which is suitable for a large range of melt index; small particle color deviation, good melt index characteristics and good stability, and realizes real online recycling. ML series plastic granulation equipment solves the problem of broken filaments in non-woven granulation and then spinning; saving costs for the PP non-woven industry and adding new profit growth points.

ML series Plastic Granulator Application:

Non-woven Scrap Recycling Granulator

ML series Plastic Granulator Video:

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