Operation Process of Plastic Granulation Line


The correct operation of the plastic granulation line is conducive to prolonging its life, so what problems should we pay attention to when using the plastic granulator?

Preparations before starting:

1. Ensure that the plastic granulation line and the surrounding environment are hygienic and clean, and meet the requirements of the site.

2. Confirm that the front part of the flange of the barrel and the splitter plate are thoroughly cleaned, and install a filter.

3. Check the lubrication conditions of switches of electrical components, gear box oil level, transmission parts and rotating parts.

4. Check the firmness of each component, check whether the electricity, gas and water supply are normal, and whether the lines and pipelines are well connected.

5. Check whether each thermocouple is inserted into the temperature measuring hole of the machine barrel, check whether the water valve of the screw cooling system is open, check the water level of the cooling water tank, and check whether the flange connection of the machine head is tight.

Plastic Granulation Line

Boot operation:

1. Turn on the power one by one, set the temperature value, and pay attention to whether the heating works normally.

2. When the heater temperature of the extruder reaches the set temperature value, prepare the material and start the main motor in sequence.

3. The temperature of the plastic granulation machine must reach the set temperature. Only when the feeding device is turned on can the cleaning material or the residue in the raw material cleaning screw be poured in until the new material is extruded, and then the extrusion is suspended, and the filter plate and mold are quickly installed. head. Close the die head and turn on the main screw motor of the plastic granulator. At this time, the operator is far away from the die head of the granulator to prevent the die head from being blocked by hard material and hurting people. Until the die head extrudes the silk material, close the pelletizing cover And connect the cutting tool holder and lock it.

4. After the above operations are in place, the operator can turn on all the fans, vibrating screens, pelletizers, and hosts in sequence.

Plastic Granulation Line

5. Please adjust the granulator when granulating normally, and adjust the granule size through frequency conversion speed regulation. The screw of the plastic granulator must let the granulator rotate continuously before the material is discharged. If it is water-cooled spray granulation, the granulation cover must be filled with water first, and finally the plastic granulation line is turned on for formal production.

6. Start the plastic granulation line and adjust the frequency conversion speed regulation of the plastic extruder and the granulator according to the particle size requirements slowly and quickly. Only when the two are coordinated can the cut particles be better uniformed and granulated. production maximization.

Shutdown operation:

1. Stop feeding and continue to run the granulator to empty the remaining material in the barrel.

2. Replace the filter screen with a new one after the material is emptied.

Plastic Granulation Line

3. Turn off the motor and all electrical equipment. The shutdown operation sequence is opposite to the startup sequence. First turn off the drive of the main machine, then turn off the power supply of the auxiliary machines in turn, and finally clean the die head quickly to prevent the die head from cooling and clogging.

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