PE Plastic Film Squeeze Dryer Machine


In recent years, the application range of domestic and foreign plastic products has become more and more extensive; but discarded plastics are not easy to rot, which will seriously affect the human ecological environment. So people began to recycle waste plastics and reuse them. But before recycling, the discarded plastics must be crushed into plastic film fragments, washed and dried.

The drying of the plastic film after cleaning is mainly combined drying method using large centrifugal dehydrator for dehydration and high-power heating system for drying.

PE Plastic Film Squeeze Dryer Machine

PE Plastic Film Squeeze Dryer Machine Workflow:

Put the plastic film into a large centrifugal dehydrator, and the centrifugal force is generated under the high-speed rotation of the large centrifugal dehydrator to achieve preliminary dehydration. The suction fan sucks and mixes the preliminary dehydrated plastic film with the hot air generated by the high-power heater. Then it is blown into the drying pipeline and the collection bin, and is further dried during the transportation.

The PE plastic film squeeze dryer produced by Purui Machinery has better drying effect, low energy consumption, low noise, convenient maintenance and small footprint.

PE Film Squeeze Dryer Technical Parameter:

Model NG300 NG320 NG350
Output(kg/hr) 500 800 1000

Plastic Film Squeeze Dryer Machine Application:

PE Plastic Film Squeeze Dryer Machine

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