PET Bottle Granulation Machine
PET Bottle Granulation Machine

PET Bottle Granulation Machine

The PET bottle granulation machine is designed on the principle of building blocks.

PET Bottle Granulation Machine Description:

The PET bottle granulation machine is designed on the principle of building blocks. Its screw configuration, barrel structure, aspect ratio, number of feeding and exhaust positions, screen changing and dicing methods, and electrical instrument automatic control mode can be adjusted according to the material system and The adjustment of process changes realizes the unified consideration of extensive multi-functionality, multi-purpose versatility and specialization to meet specific requirements.

PET Bottle Granulation Machine

Plastics are widely used in all walks of life in the world. The recycling of waste plastics has become a very important and urgent matter. Waste plastic film and woven bags can be processed into clean pellets for further plastic production. The recycling of waste plastics has significant environmental and economic benefits. PET bottle granulation production line equipped with comacting machine which cound pre-compact the film into smaller granules, then easily feed intoscrew barrel of extruder, its efficiency is high and can improve production capacity and save labour cost.

PET Bottle Granulation Production Line Application:

PET Bottle Granulation Machine

PET Bottle Granulator Technical Parameter:

TSSK series co-rotating twin-screw extruder(normal)

Model TSSK-50 TSSK-65 TSSK-72 TSSK-92
Screw diameter(mm) 50.5 62.4 71.2 91
Mainmotor power(kw) 37 55 110 250
Capacity(kg/h) 80-120 200-250 300-400 500-800

TSSK series co-rotating twin-screw extruder(high torque)

Model 50B 65B 75B 75D
Screw diameter(mm) 50.5 62.4 71.2 71.2
Rotary speed(rpm) 500/600 500/600 500/600 500/600
Mainmotor power(kw) 55/75 90/110 132/160 200/250
L/D 28-48 28-48 28-48 28-48
Capacity(kg/h) 120-280 180-400 250-650 500-1200

PET Bottle Granulator Detail:

  • Main Extruder

    By double-discs plate strong friction heat to dry the material contraction. Automatic control of feed quantity. And with two groups of temperature monitoring system, the system adopts Germany Siemens PLC control system.
    With recycled particles produced by the vacuum system, customers can use up to 100% recycled PET in the production of new bottle embryos and bottles, and the product is finally back to retail and home life.

  • Strand Cutting System

    PET Strips will be flow smoothly in the water without worring interrupt.

  • Underwater Cutting System

    The strips will be automatically granulated/cut without manual pulling even if the trips breakoff during the process. The frame material is made anti-corrosion and wear-resistant material and the part contact with material is made of 304 stainless steel.

Pellets Sample

PET Bottle Granulation Machine

Packaging Shipping

PET Bottle Granulation Machine

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