PET Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine


PET plastic is widely used, can be used in electronic and electrical appliances, polyester fiber polyester cloth, PET film, PET beverage bottles (mineral water, cola bottles), PET chemical fiber (textile, filler), etc. In the process of processing and use, a large number of side materials, waste, and beverage bottles belong to disposable. After use, we also need to recycle, but different PET materials, recycling methods, processes and equipment are also different. The following is a number of plastic recycling granulator designed by Purui Machinery for recycling PET plastic.

PET Bottle Flakes Granulator:

PET Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine

PET plastic bottles are mostly used in beverage bottles such as mineral water and cola. After the beverage bottles are crushed, cleaned, and separated (bottle caps, labels and bottle bodies are separated); PET bottle flakes are obtained, and then PET granules are obtained through PET recycling and granulation equipment. The process flow of PET bottle flakes granulator: PET bottle flakes-screw feeding-twin-screw extruder-hydraulic screen changer-stretch die head-water cooling-dehydration-granulation-drying-air feeding bin.


PET Polyester Fabric Granulator:

PET Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine

PET polyester fiber/polyester fabric is a new type of environmentally friendly recycled fabric, its yarn is extracted from waste mineral water bottles and Coke bottles, also known as the Coke bottle environmental cloth. The recycling and recycling process of PET polyester fabric granulator machine is as follows: waste cloth head – conveyor belt charging – chamber machine crushing and compaction – single screw extrusion – hydraulic mesh change – strip die head – water cooling – dehydration – granulation – drying – air feeding bin.


PET Chemical Fiber Recycling Granulator:

PET Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine

PET chemical fiber can be used for spinning with cotton thread, wool, etc., and can also be used for filling such as quilts, clothes, pillows, toys, etc. The process flow of PET chemical fiber granulator: shredding-conveyor belt feeding-re-crushing and compacting in the closed chamber-screw extrusion-hydraulic screen change-strand die head-water cooling-dehydration-granulation-drying-air feeding warehouse.

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