Plastic Film Pelletizing Machine


Plastic Film Pelletizing Machine Description:

The plastic film pelletizing machine is special equipment for the PE PP film recycling granulating, it equipped with compactor machine which could pre- compact the film into smaller granules, then easily feed into screw barrel of extruder, ensure high capacity and save labor.

Plastic film pelletizer machine has two vacuum exhausting mouth on extruder barrel which can fully vent the moisture in the material and the final granule quality will be very perfect.

Plastic Film Pelletizing Machine

At the end of screw barrel, it equipped with double post fast speed hydraulic non -stop screen changer which can effectively filter out the dirty in the plastic melt.

The plastic pelletizer adopts water flush pelletizing which is easier to operate, and the shape and appearance of granule is good.

Plastic Film Pelletizing Machine Work Process:

Crushed film→spiral charger→feeder→mother extruder →hydraulic screen changer →baby extruder→hydraulic screen changer→pelletizing system →air transmission →silo storage

Plastic Film Pelletizing Line Applicable:

Plastic Film Pelletizing Machine

Plastic Film Plastic Pelletizing Line Technical Parameter:


Model ML85 ML100 ML130 ML160 ML160-Ⅱ
Output(kg/h) 120-200 200-400 400-650 600-1000 800-1200

High output, low consumption:

Model ML85B ML100B ML130B ML160B ML180B
Output(kg/h) 200-350 400-550 600-800 800-1200 1000-1500

Plastic Film Pelletizing Line Video:

Plastic Film Pelletizer Machine Features:

1. Allow free assembling of the screw component, based on raw material type.
2. Plastic film pelletizing line use the suitable die head for palletizing, such as water ring cutting, under-water cutting and hot face cutting.
3. High efficient force feeder ensures stable high capacity material feeding, low power consumption.
4. Main screw has vacuum exhaustion.
5. Pelletizing style: standard cutting with extrusion mould. Even cutting ensures with good shape.

Plastic Film Pelletizing Machine Detail:

Plastic Film Pelletizing Machine

Packaging Shipping:

Purui Machinery established in 2006 which is a professional manufacturer of plastic recycling machinery in China. Purui Machinery focuses on the research and development of plastic film pelletizing machine. With more than 20 years of working experience, unremitting efforts and pursuit, Purui Machinery have had rich experience and increasingly perfect professional technology in the process design, product research & development, processing&manufacturing, quality control, on-site installation and after-sales service and the system solutions.

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