Plastic Film Squeezing Dryer Machine


The working principle of the plastic film squeezing dryer machine is to dehydrate the broken and cleaned film (agricultural film, mulch film, greenhouse film, packaging film, PP woven bag, snakeskin bag, ton bag, etc.) and squeeze it into a ball. The plastic squeeze dryer can be used alone or together with a waste plastic film cleaning line.

Plastic Film Squeezing Dryer Machine

Plastic Film Squeezing Dryer Machine Features:

1. The plastic squeeze dryer has the characteristics of high output, low noise, low maintenance frequency and high dehydration efficiency.
2. The plastic squeeze dryer adopts the unique principle of squeezing and dehydrating (squeezing and kneading) to solve the problem of difficult dehydration of traditional film-like or filamentous plastics.
3. Modular design of the box makes maintenance easy.
4. A shredder can be installed at the discharging point to shred materials that are agglomerated due to extrusion.
5. Equipped with overload protection for machines and electrical appliances.
6. Mechanical extrusion dehydration, compared with the original centrifugal dehydrator heating air drying, greatly saves power consumption and energy.


Plastic Squeezing Dryer Technical Parameter:
Model NG300 NG320 NG350
Output(kg/hr) 500 800 1000


Plastic Squeezing Dryer Application:

Plastic Film Squeezing Dryer Machine

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