Waste Plastic Recycling Machinery
Waste Plastic Recycling Machinery
Main includes: waste plastic recycling washing line and plastic recycling granulator. Purui Machinery with more than 20 years of working experience, unremitting efforts and pursuit, we have had rich experience and increasingly perfect professional technology in the process design, product research&development, processing & manufacturing, quality control, on-site installation and after-sales service and the system solutions.
Waste Plastic Recycling Washing Line

Waste Plastic Recycling Washing Line

Processing Material:
food packaging film, agriculture film, green house using film, film used in oil field, PP bag, PE film, woven bag, LDPE shrink film, nature film or heavy printed film, cement bag, oily bag, dirty bag etc.

Technical Parameter:
- Capacity: 300-1500 kg/h
- Water consumption: 1.5-6m³/h

Work Process:
Belt conveyor → pre-shredder → belt conveyor → trommel with water → pre-washer → belt conveyor → crusher → high speed friction washer → pre-washer → screw loader → floating washer a → screw loader → dewatering machine → screw loader → floating washer b → screw loader → squeeze dryer machine → electrical control cabinet
Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine Types
Main plastic granulator / pelletizer includes: PE PP BOPP LDPE PET film granulator machine, PP woven bag granulator machine, PET HDPE bottle flakes pelletizing line, fabric / fiber recycling granulator, twin screw granulating line, PP PE HDPE regrind plastic granulation machine, PVC granulation line, etc.

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