POF Heat Shrink Film Pelletizing Machine


POF heat shrink film runs through every bit of our life, from food to the packaging of daily necessities, it can be seen everywhere. As well as the now popular “package artifact”, also has its presence.

POF Heat Shrink Film Pelletizing Machine

In addition to being a good helper for packaging, POF heat shrink film requires advanced biaxially stretched three-layer and five-layer melt co-extrusion special processes (double-film bubble process/Plandi process) to produce high-quality products. Transparency, high toughness, high shrinkage, high heat sealing performance, antistatic; excellent cold resistance, safe and reliable soft shrink film.

POF Heat Shrink Film Pelletizing Machine Description:

The film-breaking material produced by the POF co-extrusion process, the unqualified film thickness; and the leftovers from trimming all need to be recycled online to achieve recycling.

Purui Machinery has made a targeted design of plastic pelletizing machine for the thermal shrinkage of POF film and the stability after co-extrusion. The problem of material color and molecular structure changing during recycling and granulation is successfully avoided, and high utilization rate recycling is realized.

POF Heat Shrink Film Pelletizing Machine

Model: ML series POF heat shrinkable film granulator

Screw range: 65-200mm

Capacity range: 100-1500kg/h

POF Heat Shrink Film Pelletizing Machine Feature:

The POF heat shrinkable film pelletizing line adopts a compactor for strong shearing, PID automatic calculation, high-precision temperature monitoring/temperature control, so that the material is more uniform and the production capacity is higher.

The specially designed screw maximizes the original molecular structure and physical properties of the material.

The fully automatic PID closed-loop controlled water ring pelletizing system makes every pellet uniform and beautiful.

POF Heat Shrink Film Pelletizing Line Video:

Click to watch the complete HD video of the biodegradable plastic heat shrink film pelletizing line

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