PP Raffia Bag Granulating Line


PP Raffia Bag Granulating Line Description:

PP raffia bag granulating line is used for PP woven bag /raffia bag / jumbo bag. PP raffia bag granulating machine is controlled by PLC and inverter, the temperature inside is stable. Cooling is by water which has better cooling effect. Customer can choose single stage or double stage pelletizing for choice.

PP Raffia Bag Granulating Line

The raffia bag granulating machine adopts an electromagnetic heating system, which saves 30% energy than traditional resistance wire heating coils. It has superior environmental performance, shortens the preheating time during plastic processing, and greatly improves production efficiency.

PP Raffia Bag Granulating Machine Working Procedure:

PP raffia bag→belt conveyor→compactor→mother extruder →hydraulic screen changer →baby extruder→hydraulic screen changer →pelletizing system →air transmission →silo storage

PP Raffia Bag Granulating Machine Application:

PP Raffia Bag Granulating Line

Raffia Bag Granulating Line Advantage:

1. Material will be cut, pre-heated, pre-dried, mixed and compacted in the cutter Compactor machine

2. Highly efficient with good performance, Less power consumption, Highly automatic

3. Long service life. Customized plastic granulator according to customer requirements.

4. Pelletizing style: water-ring and water cooling strand cutting with extrusion mould,even cutting.

Raffia Bag Granulating Line Technical Parameter:


Model SJ45 SJ65 SJ90 SJ100 SJ120
Output(kg/h) 10-60 100-150 180-250 250-350 300-600

High output,low consumption:

Model SJ150 SJ160 SJ180 SJ200
Output(kg/h) 400-700 600-1000 1500-2000 2000-3000

Raffia Bag Granulating Line Detail:

PP Raffia Bag Granulating Line

Raffia Bag Granulating Line Video:

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