PVC Cable Material Compounding Pelletizing Line


PVC Cable Material Compounding Pelletizing Machine

PVC cable material compounding pelletizing line is not only suitable for cable material recycling, but also for PVC wood plastic recycling granulation, PE high filling recycling granulation, soft PVC recycling granulation, PVC awning cloth recycling granulation. The main equipment of PVC compounding pelletizing production line is composed of high mixing machine, automatic hopper, PVC pelletizing machine, centrifugal cyclone, vibrating distribution screen and storage bucket.

PVC Cable Material Compounding Pelletizing Machine

PVC Compounding Pelletizing Machine Features:

1. The use of steam heating humidification, improve the temperature of the pelletizing material itself, reduce the pelletizing water, reduce the dryer load, improve work efficiency.

2. PVC cable material pelletizing machine is simple to operate, work flexibility, easy maintenance, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and greatly extend the service life of the equipment.

PVC Cable Material Compounding Pelletizing Line

PVC Compounding Pelletizing Line Precautions:

1. The main motor and oil pump motor have an electrical chain, that is, the oil pump motor does not start, and the main motor can not start. Main motor does not stop, oil pump motor can not stop.

2. The main motor control cabinet has overcurrent protection, in addition, also has a mechanical protection device, generally nylon shear pin type safety coupling. When the design torque is exceeded, the shear pin is cut off and the transmission box stops working.

PVC Cable Material Compounding Pelletizing Line

3. When the head pressure exceeds the set alarm value, the material pressure alarm signal lights up and automatically stops.

4. When the PVC compounding pelletizing line is running, it is strictly prohibited to use metal objects to clean the material at the opening of the cylinder.

5. The circulating water of the cylinder cooling system, please use softened water or distilled water.

6. The screw of the PVC pelletizing machine is only allowed to start at a low speed (≤20r/min), the idling time is not more than 2 minutes, and the speed can be gradually increased after feeding until the die hole of the machine is discharged.

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