PVC Granules Making Machine


PVC granules making machine is suitable for converting PVC materials into small particles through hot cutting and cooling process for easy reuse. PVC granulator has the advantages of easy operation, low maintenance cost and high production efficiency. The design requires high precision to ensure the uniformity and quality of the particles.

PVC Granules Making Machine

PVC Granules Making Machine composition:

PVC granulator usually includes feeding system, extrusion system, pelletizing system and separation system.
1. The feeding system is responsible for feeding the PVC raw material into the extruder evenly.
2. The extrusion system melts the PVC material and pushes it to the die head through heating and screw rotation.
3. The pelletizing system cuts the molten PVC into particles at the die head.
4. Finally, the separation system cools the hot particles and separates the finished products.

PVC Granules Making Machine

PVC Granulator Selection:

When choosing PVC granulator, its technical parameters such as output, spindle speed, motor type, etc. should be considered to ensure that specific production needs are met. The PVC granulator is also equipped with an advanced control system, which can realize automated production, greatly improving work efficiency and product quality.

PVC Plastic Granulator

PVC Plastic Granulator Operation Process:

When operating the PVC granulator machine, should be noted that the wear of the granulator should be checked regularly and damaged parts should be replaced in time. In addition, in order to ensure safe production, operators should receive professional training and strictly abide by the operating procedures. We need to master the diagnosis and solutions of common faults to reduce the risk of production interruption.

PVC Granulating Machine Video:

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