Twin Screw Plastic Granulator Machine Video


Click to watch the complete HD video of the twin screw plastic granulator machine

Purui Machinery specializes in R&D and production of twin screw plastic granulator machine manufacturers and suppliers.
Application field:
1. Filling modification: CaCo3,talcum powder,BaSo4,iO2,ceramic powder,wood flour/plant fiber,othr inorganic filler
2. Reinforce modification: short glass fiber,long glass fiber,carbon fiber,other whisker
3. Preparation of master batch: Carbon black master-batch,color master batch,flame-retardant master-batch,degradation master-batch,other special functions master-batch
4. Blending modification: thermoplastic material/elastomer,polymer alloys
5. Cable material: PVC cable material,Zero halogen cable material,PE TR-XLPE,NDH,PE cross-linking cable material,special cable material

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