Water Ring Die Face Pelletizer Machine


The main components of the water ring die face pelletizer machine include extruder, die head, pool, guide roller, granulator and so on. In the extruder, the raw material is plasticized and mixed before being fed into the die head. The die head is designed according to the shape and size of the desired particles, and the molten material is extruded into strips in the die head.

Water Ring Die Face Pelletizer Machine

These strips then enter the pool, where they quickly solidify under the cooling of the water ring. At the same time, the guide roller pulls the material to ensure its steady progress in the pool.

Finally, the plastic pelletizing machine cuts the cooled and solidified material into pellets to complete the granulation process.

Water Ring Die Face Pelletizer Machine

The advantage of the water ring die face pelletizer is that it can produce high-quality, regular shaped pellet products. Due to the significant cooling effect of the water ring, the material is not easy to deform during the granulation process, so the uniformity and consistency of the particles are better.

In addition, the water ring die face pelletizing equipment is simple to operate, high production efficiency, and can meet the needs of large-scale production.

Technical Parameter:
Model ML85 ML100 ML130 ML160 ML180
Screw diameter(mm) 85 100 130 160 180
L/D 25-42 25-42 25-36 25-33 25-33
Output(kg/hr) 120-180 200-350 400-550 600-800 800-1000

Note: Plastic pelletizer machines are customized product, any changes in material and motor configuration will affect the output capacity data. Please consult our sales quotation for guidance.

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