Plastic Granulator / Pelletizer

Plastic Film Granulator, Plastic Bottle Pelletizer, Woven Bag Granulator

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Waste Plastic Recycling Washing Line

Waste Film / Bottle / Woven Bag Recycling Line

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With High Effectively Exhausting, Fillter

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Plastic Granulator Machine

Plastic Film / Plastic Bottle / Plastic Bag Pelletizing Line
Fabric Fiber / Thermoformed Plastic / Cut Compactor Feeding Granulator

Waste Plastic Recycling Washing Line

PP / PE / HDPE Waste Film Recycling Line
Plastic Bottle / Woven Bag / EPS Foam Recycling Line


Cutter Compactor Pelletizing Line

Application Plastic Material:PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE

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Plastic Film Recycling Washing Line

Application Plastic Material:PE, PP, HDPE, LDPE, BOPET, CPP, PA, BOPP Film

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Plastic Bottle Recycling Washing Line

Application Plastic Material:PET, PP, PE Plastic Bottle, Plastic Bucket, Chemical Barrel

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Plastic Recycling Machinery News

Purui Machinery established in 2006 which is a professional manufacturer of plastic recycling machinery in China. Purui Machinery focuses on the research and development of plastic washing machine and plastic granulating machine.

Non-woven Scrap Recycling Granulator

As the pace of life continues day by day, the normalization of epidemic prevention has gradually become a habit. In less than two years, m……

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BOPP Film Manufacturing and Recycling

In 1905, humans first synthesized "plastics", and in 1907, they applied for the first patent for phenolic plastics. Plastics have become a……

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Purui Machinery Employee Benefits

"A companyies most valuable aaset are its employees", a common saying in the business world. But at Purui Machinery is way more than that.……

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